How much does a semi-truck weigh?

How Much Does a Semi-Truck Weigh?

Have you ever stopped and thought “how much does a semi-truck weigh?” It might have crossed your mind as you were passing a weight station on the interstate when traveling around New Mexico. However, it’s unlikely that it piqued your interest enough to research it unless you’ve had the misfortune...

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How To Safely Share the Road With Big Trucks

Each year, countless crashes involving 18-wheelers and passenger cars occur in Albuquerque and in other parts of New Mexico that shouldn’t have ever happened. They might not have occurred had passenger car operators known how to safely share the road with big trucks and had tractor-trailer operators properly exercised the...

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What’s the Average Truck Accident Settlement?

You’ve been involved in a truck accident and are considering pursuing legal action against the at-fault driver. Of course, you want to know how much money you may receive in a settlement. If you are seeking a settlement for your truck accident, know that our expert legal team at Barrera...

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