Can You Sue for Medical Gaslighting?

In recent years, the term “gaslighting” has gained significant attention, especially in the context of interpersonal relationships. However, its presence in the medical field has been overlooked until recently. The term “gaslighting” originated from the 1938 play “Gas Light” by Patrick Hamilton. It describes a form of psychological manipulation that...

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Are space heaters safe on carpet?

Are Space Heaters Safe on Carpet?

When you want to fight off the chill in the air, you may want to turn to a space heater. These compact devices are an energy-efficient way to warm up a room, but can you use them on carpeted floors? Throughout the winter, it is not uncommon to read about...

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What are the biggest threats to oilfield worker safety?

What Are the Biggest Threats to Oilfield Worker Safety?

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 2015 and 2022 showed that 2.6% of workers (a number that equates to 2,101) who suffered severe injuries on the job during that time frame were oil and gas extraction (OGE) workers. Another set of CDC data...

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