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Odessa Birth Injury Lawyer

Odessa Birth Injury Lawyer

When the joyous occasion of welcoming a new baby turns into distressing circumstances due to birth injuries, families face plenty of challenges. These injuries can result in serious health complications, permanent disability, and even loss of life.

What makes it more heartbreaking is that many of these injuries could have been prevented with proper care from medical professionals. When birth injuries occur due to medical negligence, families have the right to seek justice and compensation.

If you or your child has suffered a preventable harm, know that you have rights. Contact an Odessa birth injury lawyer. We understand that these incidents can lead to unimaginable pain and financial costs for families. Find out how we will fight for you.

What Is a Birth Injury?

Any harm sustained by a child or mother before, during, or immediately after the childbirth process may constitute a birth injury.

These injuries can occur at any stage of labor, delivery, or after birth. Sometimes, they can range from very mild to severe and life-threatening conditions.

Birth injuries do not just affect a child, but they can also cause serious injuries, and even death, to the mother as well. These injuries are more common when certain conditions exist, such as:

  • The baby is born prematurely
  • The baby is larger than average
  • The labor is very long or difficult
  • A cesarean delivery was necessary
  • Forceps or vacuums were used in the process

While some injuries can occur naturally, there are times when medical negligence has led to these issues. The doctor and the delivery team are there to ensure the health and welfare of the mother and child.

When they fail to live up to acceptable standards of care or fail to adhere to proper treatment methods, they can be a cause for medical malpractice or wrongful death claims. If you would like to learn more about whether you have a valid case, a member of our legal team at Barrera Law Group LLC can help provide you with answers.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

During childbirth, babies can suffer from birth injuries in several ways. Some of the most common signs that your child may have suffered a birth injury include the following:

  • Swelling or bruising of the head
  • Unexpected bleeding
  • Facial nerve paralysis
  • Weakness in arms and legs

Birth injuries can lead to a long range of medical conditions that can persist throughout their entire life. These medical issues may include:

  • Cerebral palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder that affects an infant’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. It is caused by damage to the developing brain, which can occur during pregnancy, birth, or shortly after birth. The damage can stem from a lack of oxygen during labor, infections, premature birth, or brain bleeding. Signs of this disorder can include muscle stiffness, poor coordination, difficulty with fine motor skills, and problems with balance and posture.
  • Injury to the brachial plexus can occur during a difficult delivery. This often happens when excessive force is applied during the pulling or twisting of the baby’s head. As a result, injuries can cause stretching and tearing of the nerves. In turn, that leads to weakness or paralysis in the affected arm. Symptoms of this condition include weakness or paralysis in the affected arm, loss of sensation or numbness, and pain.
  • Erb’s palsy is a type of brachial plexus injury that occurs when the upper nerves are damaged. If the baby’s neck is stretched during delivery, it can lead to nerve damage. Limited movement of the affected arm, weakness in the arm, and loss of feeling in the affected arm are a few symptoms of Erb’s palsy.
  • Shoulder dystocia occurs when the baby’s head passes through the birth canal. In this case, the shoulders get stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone. This can lead to bone fractures, muscle tears, and brachial plexus injuries. One of the most common signs is that the infant will have some muscle weakness in the arms after birth.
  • Perinatal asphyxia is caused by an insufficient oxygen supply to the baby during birth. Umbilical cord compression, prolonged labor, and placental abruption are all common causes of this condition. In some severe cases, perinatal asphyxia causes developmental delays and severe brain damage.
  • Fractures of the collarbone are common during difficult deliveries. These soft tissue injuries may include bruising, swelling, or lacerations due to forceps or vacuum extraction. While the baby may recover after time, these injuries are often the result of negligence from the delivery team.

Any of these birth injuries can occur due to medical negligence. Mothers can also suffer unnecessary harm. Injuries like these occur happens when health care providers fail to uphold a reasonable standard of care. If you realize that your obstetrician or your child’s medical team acted carelessly or recklessly, you may have a legal case. Consulting with an Odessa birth injury lawyer can help you understand your legal options.

How Can a Medical Professional Be Negligent?

When these professionals fail to meet an unexpected level of care, they could be considered negligent. Some scenarios where negligence could happen include:

  • Failing to diagnose or treat conditions such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or infections
  • Making errors during labor and delivery
  • Failing to monitor or recognize signs of distress
  • Improperly using delivery tools, such as vacuum extractors or forceps
  • Failing to respond to issues like fetal distress
  • Failing to communicate with other medical professionals properly

Some of the negligent medical professionals may include:

  • Obstetricians (OB-GYNs)
  • Attending physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Nurses, physician assistants, and other medical team members
  • Hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics
  • Manufacturers of medical equipment

Determining liability in these cases often requires the assistance of an experienced attorney These professionals will examine all the facts of your case to determine who is responsible for your injuries.

Long-Term Impact of Injuries Occuring During Childbirth

While some babies can recover from their injuries, these cases of medical negligence can lead to physical disabilities and chronic pain. Many times, this will result in a lifetime of medical issues.

These injuries also lead to neurodevelopmental delays. As a result, the child will have delays that affect their motor, cognitive, and social skills. Often, they will need specialized support to overcome their challenges.

Additionally, these injuries can develop into mental health problems. Children who suffer from these injuries may struggle with self-esteem and feelings of isolation. These mental health concerns can affect their lives for years to come.

One aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the families’ financial burden. These individuals will often have to sustain medical costs related to treatment, therapy, assistive devices, and home modifications. These children may even need ongoing care and specialized education throughout their lives.

If your child has suffered lifelong and devastating injuries due to medical negligence or recklessness during birth, allow an Odessa birth injury lawyer to assist you in securing financial compensation for all damages, including past, current, and future medical bills.

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Birth injuries are preventable. When a health care professional’s negligent actions result in permanent harm to you or your baby, our childbirth injury lawyers will fight for your right to full and fair compensation.

Learn more about how our law firm, the Barrera Law Group LLC, can assist you. Contact our office and schedule a consultation today.

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